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In Interiors on November 5, 2013 at 5:01 am


I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and chatting with Andrea Phillips and Nyoman, a highly conscious and delightful couple who reside in Bali and are cofounders of BaliZen, known for its whimsical green gifts and home decor.  The vast collection embodies a beautifully playful and colorful design esthetic–not only are the products natural, sustainable and handmade BUT the company is also a member of The Fair Trade Federation, a Washington DC-based nonprofit providing support to and promoting North American businesses identified as being fully committed to the principles of fair trade.  The event was held in the elegantly appointed Kunstkring Paleis.

Below, a few favorite’s on Beth Anne’s BaliZen wish list.  She emailed, “Ohmygosh what don’t I like…EEEEK!!!!”

Please visit balizenhome.com or click on the hyperlink above to be directed to their delightful shopping site!


  1. ooooo, missy, i just perused their website (balizenhome.com) and adore the mangowood inlaid bowls and the paper lampshades. especially the cloth lampshades…let’s see, there are beehive shaped, even an oval shaped one that looks like a cool robin’s egg! hmmmm, now i just need to find the right corner in my home for a trio of these. 🙂

  2. Laura all there stuff is so cute!!!! And best of all they are a fair trade company!!! All would look great in your little lakeside pad!

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